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August 10, 2020 Press Pause Week 6

Do you notice you talk negatively to yourself? Next time, you notice this…

Press Pause

Ask yourself: Would I talk to my best friend this way? The answer is No. Choose some positive affirmations for yourself you can repeat to yourself when you notice

these thoughts. Examples: I am doing my best. I am worthy. I am brave. I choose

to be happy. I am proud of myself.

Try it out one or more days during the week, see what you think, how you feel, and comment and share your experience.

Was it easy? Was it difficult? Did you find it helpful? Can you try to incorporate it into your life?

Printable PDF below.

Want to learn a little bit more? – Watch this 2 minute video How Mindfulness Empowers Us

Print PressPause Week6 Positive Affirmat
Download • 55KB

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